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Elyxr’s 1 Gram Jelly Joint offers a terpene-rich “jelly” center thanks to our high-grade, high-potency live resin, which means that with every puff you take, you’re getting premium THC-A flower with an extra dose of delicious, freshly extracted terpenes. The result is a smoking session that’s generally more potent than what you’d get from pure flower alone, giving you impressive flavor and outstanding effects of your favorite strains.

Our joint arrives fully rolled so that you can just light the end and enjoy as soon as you take it out of the package. Each joint contains a full gram of our THC-A flower + live resin blend, and it arrives in a fully airtight container so that you can know you’re in for maximum freshness, all while being able to store it conveniently when you’re taking a break.

Jelly Joints - Live Resin 1G

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