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Green Goddess team description -

2G THCA Badder dispo comming in at a whopping 70% THCA

This badder is pretty sick, it's exactly what you'd get in our dabs but with the convenience of a disposable you can take anywhere. No need for a full dab rig or nectar collector! 🌿

Brand description -

Update your disposable arsenal with our brand new 70% Liquid Badder THC-A 2G Disposable. It's the perfect combination of portability and strength with up to 70% of pure Live Resin THC-A. Now in nine delectable strains, you can enjoy discrete power for any occasion. Due to it's hard hitting cannabinoid, we advice you start off with just a couple puffs at first to get a feel for it

Liquid Badder THC Dispo (2 G)

$55.00 Regular Price
$46.75Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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