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Elyxr's THC-A Full Spectrum Live Resin Dabs offer up a mega-potent concentrate of THC-A plus live resin, in crumble form. Crumble is a more potent form of wax, as the higher temperature exposure reduces the liquid in the concentrate to leave us with a crumbly texture that’s commonly compared to feta cheese. Its golden-amber color speaks of its purity as well as its potency.

We offer our THC-A crumble in 1, 3, and 5-gram containers, and 3 incredible strains:

● Cherry Pie (Sativa): With mouthwatering flavor notes of cherries and nuttiness, this sativa-dominant hybrid boasts an above-average THC level and 1% CBD, with a high that’s creative, focus-enhancing, and utterly chill all at the same time.

● Lemon Gelato (Hybrid): With an outstanding THC potency level, Lemon Gelato tastes every bit as marvelous as it sounds, and provides a euphoric yet mellowing high paired with a heavy body effect that can leave you feeling drowsy and lazy.

● Sunset Sherbet (Indica): Sunset Sherbet is an 85% indica-dominant hybrid that’s absolutely legendary for its creamy and fruity flavor, along with its reliable ability to lift the mood while keeping away worry and negativity. This is a super lazy strain, so curl up and get cozy.

Our dabs have undergone third-party testing to ensure that they meet our strict standards for purity, safety, and overall quality, while being totally compliant with federal law, and derived from organic, locally sourced industrial hemp material.

THC Crumble Dabs (live Resin/Full Spectrum)

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