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2-Gram disposable vapes come pre-charged, but just in-case you run out of battery before you’re done with your vape, you can plug it in using a standard Micro-USB charging cable. This is a common charger type for many electronics.

Premium Cannabinoid Distillate Blends

Our THC vape pens are made with premium hemp-derived cannabinoids. We never use isolates in our products.

Live-Resin Cannabis-Derived Terpenes

We only use the finest live-resin, flash-frozen live-resin terpenes in our THC vape products. This ensures a true-to-the-plant flavor, with an authentic euphoric coordination only achievable by cannabis-derived terpenes.

CDTs are popular because they are not botanical terpenes, which are basically terpenes that came from various plants, fruits, and flowers. Live-Resin comes from cannabis. That’s the way it needs to be

Sativa+ : THCA, Delta 8, HHC, THCH, & THCJD

Hybrid+ : THCA, Delta 8, HHC, & THCJD

Indica+: THCA, Delta 8, HHC, & THCP

THCA+ 2G Dispo Cannabinoid Mix

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